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Little girl lotus is also

Little girl lotus is also

Little girl lotus is also

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    Little girl lotus is also
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    Jiangnan Yuanxue
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    18ws Read
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2022-07-12 00:19:37
Many years ago, demons caused havoc in the world. Qing Lianzi came out to help the world and rid the world of demons. However, he was plotted by the royal family and even his wife and children were killed< Br> qinglianzi was so sad and angry that he killed the emperor and killed the six sects for revenge. Later, he went into seclusion in the mountains and disappeared< Br> one of his daughters was admitted by the Jia family as an adopted daughter by chance. She was named lotus< Br> Jia Hehua, a young woman, is twenty-five years old. She is a family member of Yangcheng, zhaoguo'an. She is good at poetry and poetry. I hope you can take care of her^-^

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